*Delivery / Take Out / Catering

Hot sauce express is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to manage your delivery, carry-out, and catering services. Integrated with Hot Sauce Table Service or Hot Sauce Quick Service, Hot Sauce Express can keep track of important customer information such as addresses, phone numbers, order history, and unique customer requests. Whether employees are answering phones, working the counter, preparing orders, or expediting deliveries, the intuitive POS screens are tailored to prompt them through their specific tasks quickly and accurately.


Customer Database

Hot Sauce Express provides a built-in customer database that can track and maintain customer and purchase information. Some of these features include:

*Tracking customer information such as addresses and phone numbers

*Maintaining a history of customers purchases

*Compiling information for future marketing use

Delivery and Driver Routing

From Pizza to Chinese Food the hot sauce delivery module will help facilitate every aspect of the delivery process. Some of the features include:

*Order tracking to help managers determine delivery stages

*Order pickup restrictions to prevent drivers from skipping orders

*Map integration for delivery drivers

*Driver management tool to identify where each driver is, and which drivers are available

*Consolidated reporting for each driver showing the number of orders delivered and the amount of sales that need to be cashed in

*Delivery reimbursement for drivers

*Profit center tracking

Catering Functions

Hot Sauce Express allows you to manage catering and delivery orders more efficiently, regardless of whether they are for now or for upcoming dates. Some of these features include:

*Automatically creates and holds tickets scheduled for later dates

*Allows you to close tabs too “In House Accounts” which enables you to build frequent customers weekly or even monthly

Pizza Screens

Hot sauce express also offers special functionalities for pizza restaurants, giving you the flexibility to cater to a variety of customer requests. Displayed on one interactive screen, these modifiers made changing the pizza crust, size, and toppings both fast and easy.

Hot sauce technicians will work with you and your staff to optimize the Express system to accommodate your dynamic business needs.

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