Differentiating yourself by enhancing your customers buying experience can go a long way toward winning their long-term devotion. HotSauce gift and guest loyalty solutions are valuable marketing tools that help you differentiate your business and increase retention, frequency, spending and acquisition rates for your customers.

Gift Cards

The gift card solution is an effective way to attract new customers and stimulate sales while increasing your restaurant recognition. Adding convenience and excitement to customer spending and gift giving can differentiate your restaurant from the competition. Some of the features include:

*No additional hardware

*No transaction fees

*Seamless integration with your HotSauce POS system

*Customized to display your logo and contact information

*Real-time authorization

*Purchase HotSauce compatible gift cards from almost any dealer

*Use hot sauce gift cards in multiple units with Internet authorization

*Web-based reporting


Guest Loyalty

Motivate customers to visit more frequently and spend more at each visit with the Loyalty program powered by hot sauce technologies. Encouraging your customers to repeatedly choose you over the competition is a challenge that many restaurants face. Some of the features include:

*Discount cards: Provide a discount to the customer every time they visit your establishment.

*Point system: Track certain menu items that can have points associated with them.

*Dollar system: Track dollar amounts for every visit and reward the customer with money back in the form of a gift card.

*Reward system: Track custom rewards by points or selected menu items. Once criteria for reward are met, the reward you’ve determined will print on a custom receipt.