HotSauce Table Service solution helps you deliver exceptional customer service and increase sales by integrating all of the features you need most into one easy, reliable, and powerful system. Our user friendly interface will ensure order accuracy and reduce training costs, illuminating waste and improving the efficiency of your operations.

With hundreds of different features HotSauce Table Service can be configured and customized to fit your restaurant’s unique needs.



HotSauce Table Service makes it easy to facilitate the order entry process. Some of the features include:

*Customizable dining room display

*Cashier banking

*Server banking

*Server revenues

*Split item

*Unlimited special instructions (Modifiers)

*Coupon functions

*Send first function

*9 hotkeys for easy access to your fastest selling items

*Reorder button

*Remove button


HotSauce Table Service offers many different types of kitchen printing to help you manage your kitchen operations. Some of the features include:

*Auto Meal Coursing

*Manual Meal Coursing

*Expo Printing

*Multiple Print Zones

*Hold and Un-hold Items

*Special To-Go and Delivery

*Kitchen Ticket Consolidation

*Kitchen Ticket Summary

*Delayed Printing

*Fire and Coursing


HotSauce Table Service helps you manage your restaurant effectively with many built-in functions that allow you to make proactive management decisions in every aspect of your business. Some of the features include:

*86 List from Front of House

*Menu item Countdown

*Real Time Labor Reports

*Real Time Sales Reports

*Price Change from Front of House

*All Table Function




*Transfer Tables

*Profit Center Tracking

HotSauce Table Service is one of the most efficient systems in the Hospitality industry today that allows your bartenders to manage everything easily and quickly from just one screen.