In a Quick Service atmosphere, it is essential to have a POS system that is dependable and easy to use. HotSauce Quick Service is built specifically for your business operations. Whether you have an over the counter or fast casual operation, HotSauce Quick Service can provide you with the speed and power you need to excel over your competition.

With many built-in features, hot sauce quick service allows you to serve your guests promptly and increase order accuracy, while providing your management with various reporting tools to effectively manage your operations. Some of these features include:

*Automatically changes breakfast, lunch and dinner menus using the built-in menu timer

*Approve credit cards quickly in two to three seconds using the HotSauce EVS via High Speed Internet

*Utilizes cashier banking along with dual cash drawer capabilities to affectively will take cashier’s during the same shift

*Drive thru management allows the orders to be queued when submitting the order, modifying the order, closing the order and bumping the order by utilizing one or more terminals

*Advanced kitchen printing features including delayed printing, kitchen ticket summary and consolidation of separately paid orders

HotSauce technologies is a certified provider of Kitchen Display System KDS that gives you flexibility to route each menu item to various monitors in the kitchen directly from the HotSauce terminals. Once a food order has been entered into the HotSauce front end the items are immediately displayed on the kitchen monitors. After the order has been prepared, it can be bumped off the screen using a touch screen or bump pad. There is also a running timer to ensure that each order is being put out in a timely manner.