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Grubbrr allows merchant’s customers to be able to quickly place an order, knowing it will be delivered immediately and accurately. The system always upsells on orders, reduces customer wait times, promotes specials and can work on or off-line. Grubbrr offers food service oriented businesses pos software, kiosk and online processing solutions. Once a system is ordered, it can be up and running in little as 48 hours.

Grubbrr specializes in:

  • Bars
  • Full Service Restaurants
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Smoothie Joints
  • Grocery Deli’s
  • Food Trucks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals

Why Grubbrr POS

  • Ease of use and sate of art platform (EMV Ready)
  • Comprehensive POS functionality/reporting
  • Kitchen display system
  • Inventory management
  • Employee management
  • Advanced notifications features for internal staff
  • Advanced split management
  • Real time reservation and table status for faster turn around!
  • Lowest merchant rates
  • Ability to integrate to other Backend Systems

Why Grubbrr Kiosks

Reduce Customer Wait Time

If the line to order at the counter is longer than 5 people, 64% of customers will leave! Once the line length hits 10, an alarming 93% of would-be customers will walk out the door. When a self-service ordering kiosk is available and line length is 5, 80% of customers would choose to order from the kiosk, rather than wait in line.

Increase Employee Happiness

Grubbrr is everyone’s favorite helper. This intelligent store solution makes employees lives easier with the assistance of customer management, order management, increase in workflow efficiency all leading to a bump in revenue.

Improve Communication & Loyalty

We all know how important it is to engage with customers. Grubbrr does the work for business owners with automated promotions, customer recognition with facial recognition and loyalty programs that will drive customer loyalty and return frequency.

Increase Sales & Average Ticket Size

Research shows that QSR customers are more responsive to up-sells when they see large, attractive, highly detailed images, and have the ability to control their order customizations. Plus, a kiosk never forgets to offer limited time offers or up-sells.

Order Accuracy

No matter how well-trained staff is, mistakes happen, which can be costly to a business’s reputation and bottom-line. Ensure customers receive exactly what they order and keep track of valuable use data with digital precision and integration with back of house systems.

Labor Reallocation

The high ROI and durability of Grubbrr kiosks increases revenue per employee across the restaurant, allowing valuable personnel to be shifted to other key areas of the business. In fact, many clients report hiring additional staff to support the high demand.

Grubbrr Kiosks


The table top kiosk is perfect for large communal tables and concierge-based services.


Ideal for providing a self-service interaction at the ordering counter alongside of or as an alternative to traditional teller-based ordering.


Placed in the foyer or entryway of the restaurant, this product provides a next generation welcome to customers that also reduces congestion at the counter.


Create an ordering station between the service area and the visitor areas of your store with a line-up of pole mounted kiosks.


Deliver a supplemental consumer engagement experience or provide direct interaction with your menu with a large, wall-mounted, touch screen display interactivity that maximizes available floor space.


Delivered as a single menu board or dual panel, this weather-proof panel delivers an improved ordering experience to the on-the-go customer.