AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the ability for machines to work and react like humans. In many industries, the adoption of AI technology is to make our interactions with machines more convenient, enjoyable, and empowering. When businesses are successful in improving human and machine interaction – good things happen such as an increase in customer satisfaction. When customer satisfaction increases, businesses typically see a positive correlation in sales, profits, and client retention.

Adoption of AI technology is trending and already in the everyday technology in our lives such as email spam filters and mobile checking deposit apps. Even commercial airlines have adopted AI functionality in many of the autopilot systems.

In a recent Deloitte Study, 82% of companies that have already invested in AI have gained a financial return on their investment.

In the restaurant industry, the customer experience is everything. Not only do customers want a great dining experience, but everything that comes with it including atmosphere, service, and convenience. We’ve all experienced dining experiences where the food was great, but the service just “so-so”… or a restaurant with awesome service, but average at best food. In today’s competitive environment, restaurants need to be firing on all cylinders across the entire customer experience. This includes ordering, where 74% of customers will consider switching brands if the ordering process is too difficult.

Enter Applova.

With a robust suite of restaurant ordering solutions, Applova will ensure your customers are delighted throughout the entire ordering experience.

With the new Applova Smart Kiosk – Powered by AI, your customers will experience the latest in ordering technology, including…

  • Enhanced visual experience with your brand’s look & feel, and personal touch.
  • POS integration, and scalability to all restaurant sizes.
  • Self-payment options with advanced payment security and reliability.
  • Excellent restaurant support and personal accountability.

Are you interested in processing more orders in less time, increasing ticket sales 10%- 30%, and driving new levels of brand loyalty & engagement with your customers? If so, then the Applova Smart Kiosk – Powered by AI may be the right solution for you!

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