As States re-open restaurants, there’s an increased concern over protocols for keeping staff and customers safe and healthy. Given the safety precautions that will need to be put in place, dining is going to look very different than a couple of months ago. Restaurants will have to re-design the seating layout and gathering in groups will not happen as they used to. Therefore, restaurants will only be serving half the customers they used to serve before the crisis.

To stay afloat and keep driving sales, restaurants are realizing the importance of establishing online ordering facilities. Although restaurants re-open, customers are afraid to go out, so they are likely spending time on their social media more than they usually did. Dining out, ordering in and delivery are big parts of that so restaurateurs have to let everyone know that during these stressful times, everything is safe and staffs are working to make them happy.

Here are a few reasons why restaurants must offer a food ordering app.

  1. A new sales channel and cater to more customers- with the re-designed restaurant layout, restaurants can’t fit as many customers as they used to. Customers are also not going to gather in groups- elbow to elbow any more. So, restaurants must seek to establish digital ordering- a simple food ordering app would do, so customers can make orders from anywhere at their convenient time.
  2. Build bonds and loyalty with customers- After all, customers are the only ones who can help you stay afloat. It is very much important to engage with them. Through a food ordering app, they can continuously engage with them and offer them with some good discounts.
  3. Zero commissions- during these difficult times when restaurants are trying their best to fight in an effort to stay afloat, opting into other third-party delivery apps are going to cut deeply in your already razor-thin profit margins.
  4. Adheres to social distancing measures- The solution offers curbside pickup, delivery and to-go services. For curbside ordering and pickup, the restaurant staff can take the meals to the back seat or the trunk of the car. This keeps the customers and staff safe.
  5. Online payments- Staff and customers do not need to deal with cash payments. Customers can easily place their orders online and pay for it too.

Here is how to create a food ordering app customized to your business

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on GET A DEMO button on the top right.
  3. Fill up the form with the necessary information
  4. Applova’s expert team will get in touch to walk you through a demo of your food ordering app
  5. 5. If you have got a good set of photos to upload on the food ordering app and pictures of your menu list, you can share it with the Applova expert and they’ll show you the final preview of your food ordering app.

That’s all, and you’ll be set to launch in less than a week!

Applova is a trusted technology advisor for launch, and beyond – our solutions can help you achieve more during these difficult times

Here’s how you can make your food ordering app engaging with your customers

Order-ahead and pay is on the rise especially during these difficult times. Here’s how your food ordering app can engage with customers

  • Run an easy-to-use loyalty program. Eg: buy 5 cappuccinos and win a free spicy chicken burger
  • Visually rich food menu catalog. Use enticing imagery to attract customers
  • Run discounts for downloading the app. Eg: get 20% off on your first order

In the end, a food ordering app can play a key role in attracting new customers and increasing profits. Restaurateurs interested shouldn’t be intimidated by the solution since they don’t need to be tech savvy or have any design skills to utilize it.